20 y/o male looking for other Christian roomates, Allston-Brighton

$0 to $1,149

Hey yall,

I’m Gus, 20 y/o plumbers apprentice looking to live in the Allston-Brighton area.

I have one other friend on board, we hope to get a house if possible with 2-4 other men. Budget for rent around 1000-1200 each. Looking to move in around Sept 1.

About me…

Reformed baptist(no longer cage stage lol), lover of hymns, basketball, occasional gamer, home cook


Hygiene and mutual respect are very important to us. If you want to be good friends, awesome. If you just want to live peacefully and not interact too much, that’s fine too!

Please reach out if you want more info or think you may be a good fit. May the Lord protect you and keep you! – Soli Deo Glori

Contact Information
373 Cambridge Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02134
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