3 Rooms Available in Family Community House

$755 to $955

Our family has hosted a community in our house in Dorchester for over 13 years. We currently have 3 rooms open for individuals, roommates, or a family.  Our house is a 6-bedroom Victorian.  We have a shared first floor with kitchen, laundry, dining room, large pantry, half bath, and living areas.  Our family of 6 (4 boys ages 5 to 10) has the 2nd floor and the 3rd floor has 3 available bedrooms and large bathroom.

We have lived as a community house since buying it in 2010 and have a rhythm of meeting weekly to share highs and lows.  We have a unique opportunity to offer the 3rd floor to a family or group that needs more space but are also willing to consider individuals.  Our first preference is for those serving missionally in Dorchester/Roxbury or those in need of affordable housing and with a desire to live with a family with children.  Please reach out if you would like to learn more.

Contact Information
68 Monadnock Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02125
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