3 young men looking for rental for fall 2021 only


I am parent of one of the three young men from Bachelor of Landscape Architecture program at State University of New York College of Environmental Sciences and Forestry (SUNY ESF; online www.esf.edu) who will be spending their fall term in Boston, MA area.  My son is Christian; I do not yet know the faith heritage of the other two.  They will working on a large project for that term, travelling in to Boston for research and data gathering.  They have initially stated that they would like to live in north Boston area and use the T to travel in.  In their past of renting in Syracuse, NY they are used to about $450/month/roommate plus utilities.  They are responsible young men and will be respectful of all house rules.  I can provide contact info for my son.  He can provide info for the other two men.  Any help, suggestions, or advice would be most welcome!

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