Christian female looking bedroom or Studio

$695 to $1,007

Hello there! I am a Christian woman of faith, I am in the end of my 30s, single but I live with my adorable companion my dog ​​Lupe. I know it is difficult to live alone and find a room or a studio living with a dog, but I have faith that I will find it.
I go to church on Sundays because I think it is important to gather with my family in Christ, and for this reason I would like to have housemates who are also Christians! Iam babbyssitter and I enjoy a very calm lifestyle.
The reason I’m moving is because my current roomies had a baby and they need the bedroom.
If you want to share your beautiful home with a person like me and a doggy here we will be waiting for you to contact us, thank you very much for reading.

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Somerville, Massachusetts
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