Christian Male in search of 1-2 additional male roommates

$902 to $975

Hey there! I am a christian male PhD student looking to fill 2 available rooms in my place in east brighton (virtually packard’s corner). Normally under non-pandemic conditions, I am going to be working in lab a lot. In my off-time I like to workout, watch sports, cook, play board games. Shoot me a text at 954-675-5811 if you wanna hear more about the place. Both available rooms are $975 including all utilities except wifi. One other PhD student lives in the house who is not a christian, but still a responsible guy. Hoping for this house to be fun and friendly, but also respectful of each other’s space etc.. Shoot me a text or call at 954-675-5811 if you have any other questions or are interested! Thanks!

Contact Information
145 Murdock Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02135
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