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The International Fellowship House is seeking a part-time (25 hours/week) Cook. Combine your passion for serving others with your passion for cooking! 

What is the International Fellowship House?

The International Fellowship House (IFH) is a non-profit organization, and is home to around twenty male international students and researchers. More than just a boarding house, the IFH strives to have as much of the atmosphere, comfort, and fellowship of a home as possible. We believe that sharing meals is essential for creating a home and for true community to develop. Therefore, the position of Cook is of vital importance to the IFH.

To help facilitate this environment, the primary responsibility of the Cook is to provide food for meals and events, and to manage the IFH kitchen and groceries. The Cook prepares dinner Monday-Friday, provides food for events, and manages the kitchen while working closely with the Resident Managers. In addition to the work itself, the Cook is encouraged and invited to be an active participant in the community by participating in activities, sharing occasional meals and cultivating relationships.

Expectations/Main Duties:

  1. Work joyfully, independently and efficiently within 25 hours per week.
    1. Create a hospitable, pleasant kitchen environment through attitude, demeanor, organization, and cleanliness.
  2. Prepare meals Monday through Friday (up to 25) and for special events (up to 50).
    1. Prepare dinner for our community meals Monday-Friday.
    2. Submit menus 2 weeks in advance for the following 2 weeks.
    3. Shop weekly and/0r as needed for house groceries.
    4. Prepare meals for residents with dietary restrictions (e.g. vegetarian, halal, gluten intolerance).
    5. Prepare event menus and meals approximately 5 times/year for large IFH events.
  3. Manage the organization and maintenance of the main kitchen.
    1. Manage the house groceries and kitchen equipment budgets.
    2. Manage kitchen grocery and equipment inventory.
    3. Organize and manage the kitchen space.
    4. Maintain a clean kitchen and organize semi-annual cleaning days.

Compensation/Benefits: salaried position of $1700 per month, paid holidays and vacation days, transportation allowance, parking, dinner on nights cooked.

Options (please specify when you inquire): Flexible hours if needed.

For more information about the Cook position, contact Anna at: [email protected]

Fill out an application and submit your resume here:

For more information about the IFH, visit our website

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