Exercise support for housebound PSC woman with cancer


Seeking exercise support for a dear sister, Lois Meinhardt, suffering from advanced cancer and currently living with the Balboni family. Her pain is now better managed and Lois would like to have more mobility and independence than she currently enjoys. Lois has deconditioned considerably on bedrest and has had a few falls we all want to avoid again. She has a tight-knit community of support but needs more regular help with her exercise program than any of us can provide during the busy summer months.

Lois has the means to offer a $40 gratuity for each visit. There are two trained physical therapists in her community who have provided her a home exercise program and will update it as she gets stronger. Me (Amy Murgatroyd) being one of them! Your role would be to coach her through the exercises and walk and/or practice stairs as she advances. You would first be oriented in person by one of the PTs and I would remain your contact as exercises are adapted to her ability.

The Balboni’s home is conveniently located in the Longwood area walking distance to the Green line Brigham Circle stop. Thank you for considering this wonderful opportunity to contribute to the health and well-being of a fellow PSC’er.

Contact Information
17 Wigglesworth Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02120
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