Female Student Looking for Housing

$601 to $993

Hi! I’m a Christian female in my early 20s who just finished her undergraduate education in Michigan, and will now be a graduate student at Northeastern University this Fall. I’m looking for housing that is preferably close to campus (I do have a car, so I could potentially have a bit of a longer commute). Ideally I’d move in on September 1st and I’m looking for a six month to a one year commitment/lease. My monthly budget for housing is $600-$1,000 including utilities, and I’m open to either sharing an apartment with people who are looking for a roommate (preferably female), or also living with a host family. A little more about me: I’m looking for a place where I can focus and study, and also just relax and get to know my housemates. I enjoy films, music, and petting dogs. If you have an open room, feel free to reply to this ad!

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Opera Place, Boston, Massachusetts 02115
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