Flexible/Part Time - Office Manager with focus on numbers for Christian Plumbing and Heating company in Dorchester


Narrow Way Plumbing and Heating
Matthew M. Nelson

217 Norfolk St.

Dorchester, MA 02124

Phone: 1.617.436.5229

Fax: 1.617.436.4470

[email protected]

Office Manager Job Description

The Office Manager reports to the General Manager of Narrow Way Plumbing & Heating.
This position is 1520 hours per week, flexible hourly position pay range: $25.00-$35.00. The tasks and responsibilities
include, but are not limited to, the following:

Managerial Responsibilities ~ 80 %
Ensure all components of the following office tasks are monitored and completed
accurately and timely:

Accounts Payable Payroll and SIMPLE IRA accounts

Banking Accounts Maintain Insurance(s) and Audits

Supply House Credits and Payments Office and Computer Filing Systems

Merchant ServicesTSYS PCI Compliance Credit Card Accounts

Learn, use and monitor our Service Fusion Dispatch and Billing program. Coordinate with
Service Dispatcher as needed in AR, billing and collections.

Use Quick Books Online Accounting program. Coordinate with Accountant to review
accounts, identify issues and problem solve.

With the the general manager; responsible for hiring, training, supporting, supervising
and laying off of office staff.

Perform the necessary HR duties by orienting and training any new employees, setting
up an employee file and doing the necessary paper work for registration into Service
Fusion and Gusto. Write and maintain job descriptions for every position in the office.

Administrative Responsibilities ~ 20%
Maintain the Narrow Way Plumbing and Heating office in order to operate efficiently.
Improve existing or develop new office systems, communications structures and
administrative procedures as necessary to facilitate this goal on a shortterm and long
term basis.

Manage purchasing and maintenance of office equipment such as general office supplies,
ordering tech uniforms, subscriptions, office phones, cell phones, computer hardware
and software.

Be the primary contact for insurance agencies and suppliers.
Be the contact person for IT contractors and the internet hosting agency. Monitor
website traffic and upgrade content as necessary.

Contact Information
217 Norfolk Street
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