Hiring a Junior Carpenter at Kastelein General Contracting


Kastelein General Contracting is a small residential remodeling and renovation company in the Metro Boston area. We are currently looking for a qualified candidate to join our team as a full-time Junior Carpenter . At the time of hire, the applicant should have at least 1-2 years carpentry experience and ideally have exposure to a wide range of tasks including demolition, framing, insulation, drywall, joint compound, window/door installation, exterior and interior finish carpentry, and painting. Some experience with power tools is required. A valid driver’s license and your own means of transportation are required. You must be legally allowed to work in the US.

At KGC, the most important qualifications for any candidate at any level are an eagerness to continue learning and expand their skill set, willingness to work hard to do so, and good common sense and intuition. All employees should have an understanding of and show an adherence to the company’s quality, workmanship, and behavior standards.

Compensation is negotiable based on experience and competency.

By 3-6 months: Employee should be familiar with and able to use all power tools at their disposal safely, efficiently, and accurately. Employee will be expected to supplement their own hand tools as needed with commonly used hand tools that they do not currently have and should be looking to acquire more commonly used power tools (i.e. cordless drill, circular saw, reciprocating saw) if possible. There should be an ability to complete tasks efficiently in a timely manner. The employee should have an understanding of the company expectations and standards for quality of workmanship.

By 8-12 months: Employee should have ability to perform wide variety of tasks effectively such as painting, cutting trim/framing, drywall and insulation installation, and demolition. Employee should be able to work without direct supervision on many tasks and still work efficiently and effectively. Employee should be thinking more about the overall job process and how their specific tasks will affect and fit in with the finished project. Employee should be able to begin generating basic materials or supplies list for next tasks of project. Employee should begin to become familiar with Mass Building Code.

By 18-24 months: Employee should be adept with power tools and more advanced cuts (miters, copes) and trim (pediment mouldings, crown moulding, cabinets, etc…). Employee should continue to supplement their own tool supply in order to work independently on a more consistent basis. Employee should begin to be able to troubleshoot, solve, and/or anticipate many issues that arise. Employee may begin to be expected to work with a helper under them at times and should be able to start delegating tasks to improve work flow efficiency. Employee should be familiar with common MA Code requirements for typical residential applications.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $18.00 – $25.00 per hour

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