Title: Intercultural Student Services Coordinator
Function: The Intercultural Student Service Coordinator reports to the Director of the Multicultural Initiatives
Office (MIO) and works alongside the International Student Services (ISS) Office Manager within the Office of
Student Life. This position provides leadership development, programming, and workshops for students to
advance in intercultural competence and promote a culture of inclusion and equity for historically underserved
students. Students group include Black/African American, [email protected], Native American, Asian, Pacific Islander,
First-generation, international and immigrant students.
This position supports MIO and ISS by overseeing its activities, student leaders’ supervision, and overall
campus-wide programming. It also organizes staff and students in the development and sustainability of new
measures; it increases the volume and visibility of diversity efforts through MIO and ISS and broadens these
efforts’ impact in support of Gordon’s mission. The MIO motto is Welcome HOME (Honoring Our
Multicultural Experience), with the goals of supporting, celebrating, and educating/engaging our intercultural
students during their time at Gordon.
Description of Duties and Tasks:
Essential Responsibilities:
Specific responsibilities include creating, collaborating, implementing, marketing, and assessing programs that
successfully engage students in intercultural and social justice learning outcomes. The successful candidate
must also connect and maintain networks and relationships with various campus and community partners,
provide support and assistance to intercultural student organizations, and advocate for student concerns.
MIO and ISS: Design their programs, training, involvement opportunities with equity, and inclusion lenses and
market them to appeal to a diverse student population. Administrative functions include budget management,
risk management, assessment, and supervision of student leaders. Through the intentional practice of student
development and cultural identity development, this position enhances a growing sense of community by
fostering students’ awareness and appreciation of social justice and the imago die on a diverse Christian campus.
It requires working evenings, weekends, and in a virtual and remote environment as needed.
Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
In order to fully perform the above functions, the incumbent must possess the following knowledge, skills and
abilities, or demonstrate that the major responsibilities of the job can be accomplished, with or without
reasonable accommodation, using some combination of skills and abilities.
• Must profess faith in Jesus Christ as Lord; must accept Gordon’s Statement of Faith; must practice
Christian values in daily interactions with students, faculty, staff, and the public as outlined by Gordon’s
Statement of Life and Conduct; and must work to advance Gordon’s mission through this position.
• A Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college and university and two years of related
professional experience OR equivalent combination of education and experience.
• Experience with co-curricular event planning, group/individual advising, intercultural/social justice
programming, data tracking, and diversity education/training.
• Demonstrated awareness of, sensitivity to, and ability to respond to the needs of a diverse student
• Strong interpersonal, organizational, and time-management skills;
• Experience with curriculum development, facilitating dialogues, and public speaking; and experience
with social media
• Must be able to foster a supportive and student-centered environment;
• Prioritizes and handles multiple tasks simultaneously;
• Works collaboratively, build coalitions, and sustains partnerships;
• Successfully navigate incidents of bias and hate-related micro-aggressions, prejudice, harassment, and
Preferred Qualifications
• Master’s degree with a minimum of one year of diversity education/training experience and experience
programming around social justice topics.
• An understanding of student development, identity development, and social justice concepts.
• Experience working directly with historically underserved student populations.
• Experience with classroom teaching, presentations, and/or designing college success programs in
coordination with staff/faculty.
• Ability to supervise students, oversee event coordination, and manage multiple projects.

Contact Information
Wenham, Massachusetts
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