ISO Female Roommate for Apt Search in QUINCY area

$828 to $7,000

ISO female Christian roommate for Quincy Apartment search.  Looking now for April or May 2021.

You can be any age as long as you’re responsible to pay rent and bills on time and live peaceably of and respectfully of roommate.  We’d share the lease on new apartment and abide by landlord requests for downpayments, background checks, etc.  Please call or text me to discuss further!   God bless!  Linda

I’m clean, responsible, pleasant to live with, pays rent on time and is respectful of others.  I appreciate living in a nice space, and having positive relationships with my roommates.  I’m a non smoker, don’t really drink & am not a partier.  I like having my own space as well as sharing occasional meal, watching Jeopardy or a movie together or even playing a board game from time to time, if my roommates have interest in joining me!  I like to sew as a hobby.  

I’m mostly at home, but work part time as a pet sitter and do craft fairs (before Covid).  My income is very reliable so I pay bills on time!  I’ve got fabulous references: landlord, roommate and personal.  No problem in background check etc. either.
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Quincy, Massachusetts
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