Looking for a Dog Walker/Sitter/Trainer?

$20 to $7,000

Are you worried about leaving your dogs alone for hours?  Are you going away on a weekend trip that you cannot bring your dogs to?  Do you have a puppy you are training and want to continue your good work while you are working/away?

Look no further!  Small or large, young or senior, active or a potato couch, I’m here for all kinds of dogs.

Our family’s first dog came to my life when I was 10, but I had many opportunities dog sitting for our neighbors and professors while I was at college. Recently our family welcomed a new puppy, and I honestly enjoyed every bit training him, so I feel comfortable adapting and continuing the great training you are already doing with your pup!

If you need one time house sitting, or a consistent dog walker, just contact me and we can figure things out.

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Cambridge, Massachusetts
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