Looking For Good Christian Men To House With



I’m looking for good Christian men who strongly believe in the Gospel to room with. I’m currently living in Somerville with non-Christian people. Although they are decent people, but I think I need to move on with my convictions. And so I’m looking for Christian men to room with or find an apartment together in Boston or surrounding areas. My current lease is month to month so there’s no rush to find anything fast, but would be nice if we did find something sooner. The more people the better because it will help to cut cost down. Not looking for super fancy or perfect place or perfect unrealistic Christian community, but that all of us would adhere to the principle of the Gospel! Life can be busy, we all do have our own set of goals and dreams, understandable, but I think at least we can pray for one another, have meal together when there’s an opportunity, and open our apartment for hospitality when time arises. I do believe in a smoke free, drug free, party free home. I think its nice that way! If you attend church regularly during this time of craziness, your alright in my book! I attend church too! I’m fully vaccinated, but if your not, I won’t judge you. Age doesn’t really matter, but just that one must be mature in faith or at least humble enough for the Good Lord to teach you things. Preferably clean or clean enough, quiet, respectful roommates are welcome. Just no two people, overnight occupancy in one room – I don’t think its fair for the other roommates. I do work full time south of Boston, but kinda on a budget, so I can only do 700 or 750/month for now, but then again if we have more people, I think it will work out. This is all I can think for now. If your interested or have suggestions or both, feel free to shoot me a line!

Cheers!  BRB

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