Looking for Male Roommate(s) in Greater Boston


Hello Boston!

My name is Zackary, I’m a single christian guy looking for roommates starting September 1 2024.

I’ve been living with someone who’s been undergoing health challenges, and I’m looking to switch my living situation. I want to live with biblical, honest, active christians. I currently attend Park Street Church and agree with many of their beliefs. I’d like to live with someone who is deeply in love and committed to Jesus.

Some things about me:

  • I’m involved at church and attend events multiple times a week.
  • I work in Sommerville, but also like to work from home. My job is stable and I am financially stable.
  • I am pretty disciplined about exercise, sleep and nutrition. I run marathons and frequent the gym.
  • I keep common spaces as clean and organized as possible. Life happens sometimes, and I fall short. But I’m pretty good about keeping after myself, and my dishes, living space stuff, etc. My room is typically pretty neat and organized too.
  • I prefer a quiet household, especially at night, but don’t mind normal things like TV, music, etc.
  • I personally sing and play instruments, and love to jam. I try to be considerate about when I play for noise reasons.
  • I enjoy lighthearted and deep conversation alike.
  • I will respect you and your preferences.
  • Non smoker, will have a drink occasionally, not on any prescription drugs.

Lastly and importantly, I’m pretty passionate about Jesus and I enjoy talking about Him and the Bible. If this doesn’t sound like you, it might not be a good fit.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, please text me if you’d like to chat.


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