Medford Square, Grand Victorian

$950 to $7,000

International Student Ministry House “Rivendell” looking for 2 residents at Medford Square, Medford.

  • 3 minutes to I-93 (free parking, no permit needed).
  • Buses to Red Line (#94, 96) and Orange Line (#95, 101, 134).
  • Located within walking distance of a hospital, a drugstore, a Japanese grocery & sushi bar, the Middlesex Fells nature reserve, an Italian bakery, coffee & ice cream shops, and American, Chinese (Sichuan), Greek, Indian-Pakistani, Italian-American, Italian-Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mexican, and Thai restaurants.

One room is $950/month and one is $1,000/month.

Includes all utilities (WiFi, Electricity, Gas, Water & Sewer, lawn care, snow shoveling, weekly professional cleaning of bathrooms & all public areas, laundry facilities, and use of everything in the kitchen, including a semi-automatic espresso machine.)  One month’s rent as a deposit.

There are a total of 10 people in the house, including the vacant rooms.  We are currently professionals and students.  Residents have lived here about 5 years on average, so things are very stable and friendly.  2 Bengal cats live in the house — some residents interact with them, and others don’t.

We have a COVID protocol, in case someone comes down with it, the flu, or some other infection.

Everyone in the household is very busy, so things tend to be very quiet, but at times people do sit around the kitchen, dining room, or living room when they need a break. This Victorian house is 5,000 square feet, so there’s a lot of space. There’s also a conservatory with a lot of light, as another place to work or study, besides the bedrooms.

Each room has it’s own deadbolt lock and air-conditioner/heater, which can be set at whatever temperature the owner wants.

Each person has refrigerator, freezer, and storage space in the kitchen, and use of all of the things in the kitchen.  If you don’t have a car, I can drive you to go shopping at least once a week.

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