Modern 1 BR in 4 BR Allston apartment - $1000

$996 to $1,015

This listing is for a room in a four bedroom Lower Allston apartment. The apartment is very modern, with the 1200 sqft main floor renovated 10 years ago and a 1000 sqft basement renovated last year. 

A few more details: 

  • Walking distance from Trader Joe’s, Harvard campus, Packard’s corner, a few nice parks, and several bus stops
  • Large kitchen with brand new quartz countertops, gas stove  
  • In unit laundry 
  • Central air 
  • 1 full bath you’ll be sharing with two other roommates, 1 full bath in master BR, 1 full bath downstairs 
  • Lots of natural sunlight everywhere except your room, which is facing an alleyway :/ 
  • Large basement with woodworking/robotics workshop, weight rack, and some couches 
  • Rent is $1000 per month not including internet, gas, and electric. Utilities average around <$100 per month 

A little about the roommates and vibes: 

  • All three of us are christian males – Josh (me, 33), John (24), and Matt (23). Matt is a water resource engineer trying to switch careers and become a teacher. John is a data coordinator at Brigham Women’s Hospital. I’m a mechanical engineer 
  • We usually hang out Monday nights. It’s pretty casual, but if you’re just looking to coexist and not interact at all, this might not be the best fit for you 
  • Typical things going on in the apartment: Having friends and family over to cook dinner, work nights grinding code, spontaneous late night conversations, occasional movie nights on the projector, once a month project day in the basement. We don’t have many parties, but aren’t opposed to hosting them either 
  • We keep the place clean, and would expect you to be tidy in the common areas, timely about dishes, etc. 

Some special considerations: 

  • The current 4th roommate (Randy) is getting married in January. Because that will be breaking the lease and it’s way harder to find roommates not on a Sept. cycle, I’m looking to fill the room any time between now and January 1st when he moves out. There may be some overlap if you want to move in sooner than January 1st, but there will be space for everyone 
  • I am the landlord and own the place 
  • Your lease will end August 31st, and if you were to renew, you would be on a normal 1 year Sept 1st lease moving forwards 
  • We keep the master bedroom available for people in special need of temporary housing – refugees & immigrants, people needing to leave toxic situations, etc. I can share more details in person. We’re considering someone for Feb 1. I would live in the basement during these times, which has a separate bedroom and bathroom 

Good luck on your housing search wherever you end up! 

Contact Information
11 Royal Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02134
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