Good Day!

I am seeking a Christian female for a longterm roommate. The apartment, in which I currently reside, is spacious and lovely, but unfit for a roommate situation because of its layout.
I would be interested in meeting the right person that  is also in need of room sharing longterm. I do not wish to keep moving because of rent increase. I would like to find a good home together.
I, currently, work in the West Roxbury/Brookline/Dedham area. I am middle age, a widow by divorce decree, and have older children.My work schedule shifts, but I  never work on Sunday.Since Covid I attend church online.  I am quiet, responsible, friendly, respectful, and have lived alone for many years now after a long marriage. I do not date. I do not have guests in. I am self contained.

If you are interested, I would like to meet with you. I am looking to keep rent low enough to be able to save for retirement, if possible. I am open to being outside the city for a little green space as well. I am also open to a younger Christian female(s) that don’t mind a generally active middle aged mom-type of individual.

I am looking to move in September and may also be willing to move sooner if the right apartment and person comes along.


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