Nurse Practitioner

$34 to $60

Status:  Part-Time, 20 hours per week, Salary negotiable


The Nurse Practitioner is responsible for the implementation of medical services at the offices of the Boston Center for Pregnancy Choices.  The nurse practitioner provides direction and supervision over his/her office and takes responsibility for the medical services offered. Implements and maintains systems that make possible the provision of medical services.  This individual is also responsible to supervise staff or volunteers and give training where needed.



  1. Agrees with the Center’s Mission Statement, Statement of Faith and Statement of Principle
  2. Has MA board certification to practice as a nurse practitioner with the MA Board of Registration in nursing.
  3. Preferably certified in obstetrics and gynecology or have experience in obstetrics and gynecology as a family nurse practitioner.
  4. Be certified or have 2 years of experience in the performance of diagnostic obstetrical ultrasounds.
  5. Complies with AANP professional standards and practice management
  6. Compliant with HIPPA guidelines and respects client/patient confidentiality.
  7. Exhibit strong interpersonal and administrative skills.
  8. Carries individual professional liability insurance.



Major Responsibilities:

  1. Provide ultrasounds, physical exams and pregnancy testing for patients.
  2. Provide professional supervision of medical services.
  3. Review and sign all ultrasound reports.
  4. Have on-site presence.
  5. Provide oversight of the development of quality assurance program, including the establishment and annual review of all medical policies and procedures.
  6. Provide written orders for the administration of medical services.
  7. Document clinical findings, observations, assessment and treatment in the patient’s medical record.
  8. Review all physical exam reports.
  9. Provide on-call consultation for medical staff for patient assessments, questions, or medical emergencies.
  10. Comply with state and professional licensing and continuing education requirements.
  11. Assist with recruitment and selection of medical staff as needed.
  12. Provide supervision, review and development of medical services staff as needed.
  13. Ensure that medical personnel in office adhere to professional standards of care and state/federal regulations.
  14. Oversee the proper and confidential maintenance of patient records.
  15. Works to ensure the highest quality of patient care.
  16. Ensures Compliance with OSHA infection control guidelines.
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