passionate believer & MIT instructor (27, M) -- seeking housing

$0 to $1,102


I am a believer who has participated and been a leader in multiple ministry schools and been active in missions/evangelism.

Prior to 12 years ago, I had substantial anger and unbelief toward God. The Holy Spirit disarmed me one day as He personally revealed the Father’s love and opened my heart to believe that I have been “given … all things pertaining to life and godliness” (2 Pet 1:3). This experience produced a true repentance within me that has rerouted the course of my life so that I always am yearning to know God more. Christ has opened that door to me!

He also recently opened a door for me to serve as a technical instructor (position is somewhat akin to a laboratory manager, but one who teaches and occasionally lectures) in the MIT physics department. I am starting this full-time position on 10/10/22 and need housing asap! I am looking to spend fewer than $900/mo on rent if possible.

I would love to hear of any openings! Thanks.

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