Sattler College Open House

 Hey everyone,
My name is Anya Miller, and I am a student at Sattler College.We are a new Christian college located in downtown Boston. I would like to invite you, your church, and anyone interested to join us for our Dec 2-3 Open House. Click HERE to register or keep reading to learn more.
Our founder, Dr. Finny Kuruvilla, spent several years in Harvard’s dorms as RA and witnessed the corrosion of Christian faith in the lives of those around him. This planted the vision of a college dedicated to developing strong Christian faith grounded in the historic faith. We are committed to developing communities of Jesus followers by equipping our students as bi-vocational disciples. We want all our students to be committed vocational disciples of Jesus and excellent in the vocation they are training for through one of our programs.
We are hosting an Open House on our downtown campus on Dec 2-3 and would love to have you or someone from your group join us. We really want to connect better with the community around us and learn how to serve the local church in Boston and beyond.
If you’re not able to make it for Open House, we’d still love to have you stop by sometime. Come to 100 Cambridge St, Boston, MA and tell the front desk you’re here to see Sattler College. They will check you in and send you to our 17th-floor campus:)
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