Seeking 1 female roommate for January-August 2023 in 4B1B apartment near Central Square

$982 to $989

We (Joanne and Shuwen) are looking for a

  • female Christian roommate,
  • masters, PhD student or post-doc,

to join us in a 4-bedroom 1-bathroom apartment at 17 Elm St. (near Central Square in Cambridge) who would

  • sign a lease from January 1 – August 30.  If you sublet, you must find a replacement that the remaining roommates will be happy with.
  • This excludes couples, a pair of friends, individuals with pets, those interested in signing a shorter lease….we are making this note because we’ve been asked 😉

We are friendly, clean, prefer a quiet environment, and enjoy spending time together over roommate dinners occasionally. We are both in our late 20s and work at MIT (Joanne is a PhD student and Shuwen is a postdoc).

We are hoping to find roommates who share similar values and preferences, with a similar lifestyle/schedules who will be going into their offices/labs on weekdays. We prefer to keep the house fairly quiet (particularly between 9:30 pm and 5:30 am, no regular guests).

Occasional visits from friends/family are welcome, but generally no overnight male guests.

We have an opening for Bedroom A which will cost $985/month. There is a 300$ roommate change fee assessed by the landlord.

Utilities/internet/supplies generally runs between $50-$150/month depending on the season. This apartment is 1 unit in an 8 unit building. Additional amenities include washer/dryer in the basement, dishwasher in the kitchen, a large balcony connected to the living room, bike storage in the basement, and optional parking space for $100/month.

Pictures of the available bedrooms and common areas can be found here.

Please reach out if you are interested!


Shuwen and Joanne

Contact Information
14 Elm Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139
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