Seeking 2 Female Christian Women

$0 to $754

Hi! My roommate and I are looking for two female roommates.

We have two rooms available in 4br/1b first-floor apartment in Dorchester. 10 minute walk from JFK/UMass & Savin Hill Red Line T stops. Couple of grocery stores within walking distance. Rent for the biggest room is $745 and the next largest room (with Winnie the Pooh pictured) is $735. Utilities range from $70-$120. Not pets allowed.


About us: we’re both in our late to mid-twenties and are young professionals. I go to Harvard Divinity School and work part-time in non-profit. My roommate also works in non-profit and is pursuing a career in music. We’re both chill and enjoy quiet nights at home. We are two Christian women hoping to live with 2 other Christian women have intentional community time about once a week.

If you’re interested, please contact me at [email protected]

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