Seeking Roommate in Cambridge Area


We’re Katherine and Noelle, looking to live in Cambridge with a fourth roommate (who might be you!). We are 24 year old young professionals, working in tech (Noelle) and consulting (Katherine). We both often work remotely. We like hiking, Costco trips, cooking/baking, music, reading, and so much more! We are not big partiers, although we’re excited to have people over.

The type of apartment culture we’re trying to create: closer to friends than roommates. We really value transparency and communication. We’re looking for someone who is respectful and will help out with the cleaning, is vaccinated, doesn’t smoke, and has no pets.
We looking for a lease that starts July 1st or August 1st, budget ~$1200/person to $1400/person (budget flexible). Noelle has a car (happy to help drive around!), so our apartment will ideally have parking. We are considering 188 Thorndike Street in East Cambridge, a nice 4 person place.

Please text Katherine at 818 371 8120 if you’re interested. We’re looking to fill the spot soon!

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