Seeking summer internship in hospital/clinical setting for low-income BU junior pre-med student local to Boston

Looking for doctors/medical/clinical folks working in Boston who might have a lead on a summer internship for a really sweet BU junior who has been greatly affected by the pandemic. Please let me know if anyone has any leads! (Please also pray for the student and his family.)
Longer story: I’ve mentored this student since he started at BU. The student grew up in Chinatown, went to all BPS schools, graduated from Boston Latin, and has a scholarship to BU. His family was low-income pre-pandemic and lost jobs during it; his parents don’t speak English, and he does not have much family support. I know he’s volunteered in hospitals pre-COVID, shadowing doctors, etc., and I think he’s worked in labs too, but the pandemic and the isolation of living in a dorm seeing no one, talking to no one, never leaving his room for a year (and not seeing family lest he bring the virus to them), has really affected him. He applied for a couple dozen hospital/clinical internships so far with no luck, so if anyone here has even a slight lead, I’d be thrilled to pass it on to him, or put him in contact with you or a colleague. He’s a very quiet, studious, hard-working kid, but putting himself out there is hard for him, so I think he might need a bit of extra help.
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