Single Family Home in West Roxbury - $2550

$0 to $2,604
  • Single family home off Washington Street in West Roxbury.
    0.2 mile walk from bus stop (34, 34e, 35)
    2 larger bedrooms (fits King & Queen beds) Larger room has a deep closet, the other has built in dresser and sliding door closets 2 smaller rooms (can fit twin sized beds)
    2 walk in closets upstairs                                      1 bathroom with tub and plenty of storage   Living room + dining room (with built in storage).                                                               Kitchen with gas stove and dishwasher. Laundry machines are also in the kitchen.
    Driveway with enough space for 2-3 cars   Basement for storage + 3 season porch in the back facing backyard

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