Tidy Christian man looking for roommates/room for rent

$0 to $1,195


My name is Ephraim and I’ve been living in Boston for a bit over a year.
Let me tell you, living alone through the pandemic in a new city has been ROUGH, but here we are and I am hoping to find some roommates or a room to rent starting either August or September.

A little about me:
I’m a believer
I play on my church’s worship team
I grew up the middle child and only boy of 5 children
I like to keep things clean and tidy
I work at a medical office
I am a big, big nerd (D&D, books, board games, movies, music)

I’d like to live with other Christians, no preference on pets, and ideally other somewhat sociable people who like to keep common areas fairly tidy.
I work in Allston, so I’m hoping to find something in Brighton, Upper Brookline, Allston or Cambridge.

Feel free to email me with any further questions at [email protected]

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