Yamaha CP50


Hi everyone =)

I moved from Boston and left my keyboard behind, so it is now for sale!
It’s a Yamaha CP50. Here is a link to the user manual PDF to view it’s extensive functionality:


I used it just to practice, and to record into my DAW, it has also been used for gigs like birthday parties and dinners. It has a decent good sound, and has the full 88 weighted keys, and comes with a plethora of instrument and sound choices, and various different recording options. It has a lot of bells and whistles!

I am including a foot pedal that is basically new.

I am also including a sturdy, padded piano bench in great condition.

It also comes with an adjustable keyboard stand.

The person who purchases this will probably need to buy new speakers for the keyboard. One of the speakers I was using stopped working right before I moved, so there is only one that comes with it, and it’s not very powerful for filling a big room by itself.

To buy this keyboard used online ranges in price between $800 and $1200. I want to say the new price was around $2000.

I’m going to miss my keyboard. I had planned to come back for it, but it’s not working out, so I’m hoping it goes to a good home!

This ad isn’t letting me upload images for some reason, so I can email them upon request!

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Brookline, Massachusetts
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